Learning and support initiatives

The fabric upon which good education always rests is the appropriate support and programs for wellbeing offered by a school. Our College is dedicated to enhancing the gifts and talents and personal development of individuals within each learning phase.

Enhanced Learning – Learning Support and ESL

The Enhanced Learning Department provides specialist learning support to students from both campuses. Literacy and numeracy diagnostic tests (Years 3-8) inform teachers of gaps in student learning and forms the basis of remedial attention. Students assessed with complex learning needs are assisted by learning support teachers and teacher aides via individually formulated and implemented curricula, including modified learning conditions and additional support. The Enhanced Learning Department also assists students with high English as a second language (ESL) needs and those who come from a low literacy backgrounds. 

Mathematics Support

Maths website Mathletics is utilised by the College to reinforce classroom learning in the Primary years. The step by step animated support responds to a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and is a fun, effective way of instilling maths basics and extending talented students, allowing individuals to progress at their own rate.

BACHub for Secondary

Afterschool BACHub sessions in the Learning Resource Centre provide additional support to secondary students looking for help with homework and assignments, tech issues, research, study management, and exam revision. 

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

The aim of the Chaplaincy Program at Brisbane Adventist College is to provide pastoral care, spiritual guidance, social and emotional comfort and support for the general well-being of the students and families associated with the College.


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