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Jacob and Emily worked on their Year 3 Civics and Citizenship assignment and decided for their project to clean up the bike paths and banks of Spring Creek, Carindale (at the end of their street). During one weekend they went out for one and a half hours and collected over four kilos of recyclable rubbish and over two kilos of general waste. They were amazed at how much rubbish they collected and now have a better understanding of how rubbish affects the area where they live.
At the conclusion of their project they made arrangements to meet with their local Councillor, Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner. They told him a little about their project, the interesting things they collected, including a car light and a pair of old metal scissors. They shared their ideas about 'Waste'. How to re-purpose or recycle waste, how it can benefit the community and how to participate in a community project to help neighbourhood’s become cleaner, creating healthy community ties. Impressed by their commitment and efforts, Councillor Schrinner congratulated Jacob and Emily on a job well done!

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