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Examination timetables for Years 11 & 12 are now available!

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Term 3 Examinations (Years 11-12)

Examination time for students is fast approaching - please be advised that the Term 3 examination timetables have been electronically distributed to students in Years 11 and 12 via SEQTA Learn. Electronic copies of the timetables are available in both SEQTA Learn (students) and SEQTA Engage (parents/caregivers). A hard-copy was also given to your child on Monday 15 August. Please encourage your son or daughter to carefully review when their examinations will occur.

For Years 11 and 12, the examination block will take place from Thursday 1 September until Friday 9 September. If your child is absent from school on the day of an examination or assessment, due to extenuating circumstances (such as severe illness), please contact the College office that morning to inform the teachers of the situation. A medical certificate will be required for us to reschedule an exam session for them.

Also, please note that normal school uniform rules apply during the examination week.

The BAC Secondary staff would like to take this opportunity to wish your son or daughter well in preparation for their exams.
To assist, might we suggest the following strategies:

  1. To be the best, you have to be the best prepared, and the only way to achieve this is to work hard;
  2. Top students study for two to five hours on a week night and three to six hours a day at weekends;
  3. Ensure that your child knows what to study – communicating with their teachers is the best way for your child to check how to best prepare for the assessments;
  4.  Provide your child with an encouragement about how to study – their teachers can assist with study organization and strategies, but you can help by removing study distractions (such as magazines, games, TV and social media), asking them to turn off their mobile phone, and even reminding them to take regular breaks (even taking a 20-minute power nap can help with memory)
  5. Keep things in perspective – examinations are only one method of gathering academic information about your child and their semester result will be based upon the range and variety of tasks that they have completed this semester.

Steve Cowley BEd, MPET, JP (Qual.)
Brisbane Adventist College

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