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When Theory Is Not Enough
One Sunday Fun Day included a billycart derby. The track went from the primary school over the bridge and up toward the high school. The billycart team that went the furthest won the derby. Mr Cyril Hill constructed 'Lethal Weapon' with every intention of winning. He figured that the total mass of the billycart should translate into forward speed. To this end he used two small car wheels connected to the rear axle.
On the day he persuaded Mr Phil Lomman to ride as passenger. Clad in protective clothing and appropriate helmets, the intrepid duo took their turn on the derby track. Hill's theory proved quite sound and 'Lethal Weapon' plunged down the hill at frightening speed. There came a point when Lomman decided forward velocity had reached his limit and he bailed out the back as driver, Hill had no option but to stick with the monster he had created. At this point Hill realised that he had only considered part of a grand theory. While the rear end was built for speed, his front end had not received equal thought. Concurrent with this realisation, 'Lethal Weapon' developed an uncontrollable speed wobble.
To the cheers of the students and the gasps of the adults, Hill's billycart began to disintegrate and finally crashed forcing him to make an unceremonious exit from the derby. Well served by his protective clothing, Hill emerged without a scratch, but a little wiser. He confessed, "when applying a theory, it is neccessary to consider all its parts." Believe it or not, even teachers learn at school!
Author - Arnold C. Reye
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