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Australia Zoo Excursion

The Year Nine Visual Arts class had the privilege to go to Australia Zoo as part of our photography assessment. Almost one hour north of Brisbane, Australia Zoo was worth the visit. The whole experience was just amazing, from the gigantic tortoises and crocodiles to the tall giraffes and rhinos. What really impressed me about this zoo was how clean all the animal exhibits and parks were, and how happy and healthy the animals were. The main highlight of the zoo was the Crocoseum featuring the zoo’s most well-known animals… the crocodiles. We also saw a bird and snake show. The main exhibits were of course the Australian native animals. There was a large kangaroo and wallaby enclosure where you could walk in to pat the kangaroos and hand feed them. There also was a South East Asian and an African exhibit including tigers and cubs, red pandas, giraffes, zebras and lots of other different animals. The staff were fun and friendly. It certainly met all my expectations and I had a real blast of a day.

Written by Orlando Pule, Year 9

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