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Today Mr Martin from Secondary brought a 3D printer from the Design and Technologies department to Mrs Hedges Prep classroom. Students were shown the process of finding an Igloo model (Igloo is related to their current phonics lesson for the letter 'I') online and utilising software (Cura) to 'slice and map' the build process, which the 3D printer then followed in order to produce the final product.
The students were able to watch throughout the day to see the Igloo develop into a tangible 3D object that they could hold and interact with in class at the end of the day. It is exciting to consider the endless possibilities of such creative and innovative technologies available to our students at BAC.

Fun fact - Did you know? The International Space Station (ISS) takes very few spare parts from earth. The astronauts are sent files from earth. They use these files to print a large number of items they need in space such as specialised tools and equipment. This saves storage aboard the ISS.


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