Service & Outreach


Storm Co.

The Storm Co. mission is to send teams of trained young people to work for, learn from, and encourage individual communities, sharing God's love by building bridges to all peoples through an adventure in service to others. 

BAC Mission Concept Sparks a National Movement
In 1992, a group of senior high school students from Brisbane Adventist College talked about 'doing something' with their faith. They didn't have enough money or time to prepare for an overseas mission trip, but they wanted to do something adventurous for God. They were dedicated to serving Jesus and inspired by the Holy Spirit, but they realised they were doing nothing practical to express their faith.

Their chaplain felt the same. He called them 'fat Christians' - fed to the point of bursting with Christianity, but not doing anything to make it real.

So, together they came up with a simple concept. It involved going to a small town somewhere in the outback and seeing what they could do to help out physically and spiritually. The pastor in Moree, NSW, offered a place to stay, so they saved up some money, prepared some games, drama and music, loaded up the cars, and drove west. They called themselves the SWAMP Team (Students with a Mission and a Purpose). The Swamp Team spent ten busy days meeting adults and children, cooking, performing, and helping people in whatever capacity they could. They camped together in a church hall and the group bonded closely. It was an adventure – and it was fun!

In 1993, veteran 'outback missionary' and president of the Adventist Aviation Association, Lawrens Adair, recognised the spirit of service and adventure in these young people. He convinced them to go places where there was no SDA church, where there was lots of work to do. The town he suggested was Charleville, Queensland, and this time the team wanted a new name. They liked the image of a storm refreshing the drought-stricken outback. So they called themselves 'Storm Company' and thought of an anagram: Service to Others Really Matters.

Those first trips began with community service projects completed in cooperation with the Charleville City Council. The local social services organisation needed help with vacation care, so the team put together a children's program for the mornings. The Salvation Army needed help with Sunday School, so the team was there too. From the local Scout group to the nursing home to the prison camp, to the Uniting Church, Storm Company kept asking for jobs and kept finding things to do. The community loved Storm Company. The teams went home changed and couldn't wait to go out again.

In the past eight years, many of those early Storm Company members have moved to other places, and some of the leaders have been transferred to other positions. They took with them the adventure concept and the name, which was shortened to Storm Co. Soon, Storm Co. teams started work all over Australia. In 1999, the South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists responded to the grass roots growth of Storm Co.

The adventure continues at Brisbane Adventist College each year, and 2015 marked the 10th consecutive trip to Mungindi during Schoolies week. 



Sonship stands for Serving Overseas Nations by Ship and has, at its heart, the basic philosophy of service to our fellow human beings. The program serves the needs of the south pacific island nations by means of ship, boat and sea transport.

BAC has sent action teams to the Western Solomon Islands to engage in community projects and programs such as renovating school facilities and running kids clubs and worship programs.

Trip leader and teacher, Clinton Jackson, says that the two week mission trip can be spiritually transformative and always brings out the best in the students. “The fight between good and evil is more obvious in the Solomon Islands. We experience many answers to prayer that remind us of our need to rely on God.”