Father's Day Breakfast

Join us for our 2022 Father's Day Breakfast on Wednesday 31 August, 7:45am to 9:45am, outdoors behind the Multi Purpose Centre. Bookings essential.

Menu Selection

Bagel 1A.T.M – Avocado, mozzarella, rocket, sundried tomato and basil pesto (Vegetarian)

Bagel 2: Harissa Eggplant - Hummus, roast capsicum, red onion, lemon, rocket and toasted sunflower seeds (Vegan)

Bagel 3: Pickled Pumpkin - Roasted pumpkin schmear, BB cracked spices, lightly pickled onion, rocket and pine nuts (Vegan)

Bagel 4: The Vegan - Avocado, roast capsicum, tomato, pinenuts, red onion, lemon, rocket, tomato and chilli relish (Vegan)

Bagel 5: Schmear and Salad - cream cheese, tomato, avocado, rocket and aioli (Vegetarian)

Bagel 6: Vegan Schmear and Salad - Vegan schmear, tomato, avocado, rocket and aioli (Vegan)

Gluten free bagels are also available - please make sure you select this option when you book.