Innovation at Our School

We're so grateful to have another year to do this great work, with these amazing students and this incredible team.

Once again, BAC shone at the January Connect Innovation Awards, where staff, teachers, and administrators from Adventist schools around Queensland reconnect and renew their commitment to teaching, learning and serving their school community. We are so very proud of our staff here at BAC. 

Award winners as follows:

Nominated for: Classroom (Early Career)

Haley was nominated for the innovative design and implementation of a new curricular program for the Authority Subject (OP), Marine Science. Her intentional and innovative design not only met QCAA requirements, it also created opportunities for students to complete a Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation (specialising in SCUBA). Students have the opportunity to attain their open water SCUBA certification through PADI.

Haley created a meaningful and affordable experience on the Great Barrier Reef, where students participated in a real-world diving experience, sailing and living aboard a yacht on the reef for four days while they collected primary data for their research task. This combination of Marine Science studies and Outdoor Recreation (SCUBA) has given students a challenging and engaging learning experience, with the highest result for Marine Science in 2018, a VHA 8! 

Through this innovative curriculum practice, students not only achieved up to nine QCE points, obtained their SCUBA qualification, and completed the Marine Science (OP) course, they had the opportunity to apply their learning in a real-world context and develop authentic passion and appreciation for God’s incredible environmental design and the appropriate stewardship of it.

Nominated for: Classroom (Early Career)

Tijana was nominated for innovative work implementing the ‘shine’ program, which focuses on the wellbeing of girls in Years 5 and 6. With the help of Debbie Morgan, Tijana opens discussions with these pre-teen girls on themes that are relevant to them now and in the future with the intent of equipping them for a positive future. The impact of this initiative is seen in the increased wellbeing and social development of the year 5 and 6 girls.

Nominated for: Administration 

Lance and Leanne were nominated for innovation in the delivery of Fee Assistance through developing a comprehensive suite of scholarships that re-frame new enrolment conversations and the topic of financial assistance. The fee assistance package now includes two Merit Scholarships, four Assistance Scholarships and a Benefactor Scholarship. 

All of these Scholarships work within the framework of the South Queensland Schools Financial and Assistance Policies. Each of these Scholarships are offered with criteria that ensures recipients meet minimum effort and behaviour criteria in order to retain their scholarship. 

These Scholarships where developed to:

1. Embed dignity into assistance conversations

2. Develop and foster a positive response from recipients in terms of School Engagement and School Pride

3. Ensure accountability and recipient investment into their part of receiving a scholarship

4. Assist in developing a common language of dignity for principal, business manager, office staff and parents around fee assistance.

Nominated for: Chaplaincy Innovation Award 

JP and Annalise are a world-leading chaplaincy team committed to best practice and to finding better ways to meet the needs of the students, staff and families of their school. They have demonstrated high levels of innovation across their ministry roles to enable effective, sustainable, and deeply valued ministry outcomes. Examples of this commitment to excellence in practice are:

  1. The MY FAITH PROJECT: Regularly meetings between local churches and school leaders, they discuss ways of effectively shaping students' faith journeys through better communication and collaboration between the people in their life. They developed new tools to spiritually grow and disciple their students. 
  2. Collaboration with sister schools: Organising professional development with Northpine Christian College Wellbeing Team (chaplains and school counsellors), they discussed best practice regarding staff and student pastoral care, spiritual discipleship, resource sharing and crisis management. 
  3. The EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP program for student chaplains: Annalise and JP have a team of over thirty talented, creative, energetic and passionate students who lead alongside them. "We can say that our best ideas, projects and programs come as a result of this group,” said JP and Annalise. The leadership team meets on a weekly basis to pray, discuss and plan. The student chaplains are an effective and integral part of the Spiritual fabric of BAC.
  4. Community engagement: In close consultation with the Student Chaplain team, BAC supported the local and regional charity Orange Sky, seeing to the laundry needs of the homeless, and Farmers' Day, supporting the town of Mungindi whose young people and families are struggling with the effects of the drought. JP and Annalise have embedded meaningful community engagement in the hearts of students and the culture of BAC.
  5. Year 12 support and celebration initiatives: Hand-written letters to each graduate accompanied by a chocolate, playing games and praying with students, and the Chapfest breakfast on the morning after the formal.
  6. Spiritual care initiatives: Weekly chapels in 2019 followed the theme 'Hold Onto Jesus'. Student leaders and students led out in chapels in their year groups, giving many students a great opportunity to use their creativity and natural gifts. 
  7. Staff pastoral care: JP and Annalise have taken staff pastoral care to a new level. The foundation of their work on campus, they take every opportunity to pray and encourage the BAC team, give gifts and encouragement throughout the year, and include a week of particular focus where they overwhelm staff with care and support.

PHOTO: BAC staff with their innovation and service awards. 

Centre: Mr Barker received a recognition award for his impressive 40 years of service to Adventist Education. Thank you Mr Barker for everything you do at BAC!