CHARTING COURSE: for Changes Ahead

It's been a week since we waved goodbye to our students. The final reports are done, we’ve returned our borrowed books to the library and locked up our classrooms. Some have already left, but there are a few of us still finishing things up. It's hard to ignore the screech of the summer cicadas. It draws our minds outside to the heat and makes us think of the beach and loved ones and Christmas. 

With all great endings, it's impossible not to reflect on the past and think of the future. 

We’ve been charting our course intentionally, examining our 'gradualies', building on our strengths and strengthening our weaknesses. (Read my blog Gradually, Then Suddenly.) 

We face the future feeling fit, confident and prepared. 

There are big changes afoot for education in 2019 as you've possibly heard.

All students entering Year 11 will transition to Queensland's new senior assessment system. They will be the first to qualify for the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) in 2020. (Go to our website page on Senior Secondary schooling to learn more.)

Since the announcement of the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance system, we have been investing our 'gradualies' carefully. Our professional learning community has worked hard to become familiar with the new senior syllabuses in every subject. They have been strengthening student study and exam skills in readiness for the rigour of external subject exams. 

We have been involved in assessment trials and in Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) workshops for every subject and teaching level. We have accessed training webinars, online courses, videos and factsheets. 

We are confident and ready. 

I realised this at a recent QCAA principal’s meeting, when we were asked to rate how prepared we thought our teachers really were. I was able to say that I’m 100% happy with our work and readiness for 2019 and the way we will be supporting all of our students (from Year 7 to 12) on this journey.

So thank you, teachers, deputies and support staff, for all of the extra hard work you have undertaken in the last two years to be ready for this change. And thank you to our awesome college family for your ongoing support.

I hope you have a well-earned break and may your Christmas be full of peace, joy and love. 

Leanne Entermann


School resources: 

  1. Senior secondary schooling
  2. Video: QCE: Why is the senior system changing?
  3. Video: QCE: Is the new QCE harder?
  4. Video: QCE: External exams and assessments
  5. Video: QCE: Do I really need an ATAR?

QCAA resources:

  1. Changes to senior schooling in Queensland
  2. QCE core requirements
  3. QCE frequently asked questions

If you have further questions, please contact the school or call 07 3347 6444 to arrange a meeting.

AUTHOR: Charting Course is a series of principal's blogs by Leanne Entermann in which she shares plans or topics that are significant to our future direction.

Photo by Harrison Faux from Pexels