Charting Course: 43-year-old classrooms become modern, agile learning spaces

Existing classrooms constructed in 1977 will undergo extension and major redesign.

I am pleased to announce the commencement of refurbishments for eight of our aging general purpose classrooms on the Secondary campus.

Over the years that we have been educating BAC students within these walls, many changes have taken place in education and society. Curriculum has changed both in breadth and depth, information technology has changed, and the workplace has changed. 

The design

The new classrooms will be larger, more agile learning spaces, extending to the edges of the current verandas. Bright, airy classrooms will accommodate flexible seating and a private study zone for individual students. Digital technologies used to support teaching and learning will be built around the classroom so that teachers can instruct from various positions and facilitate learning using a variety of pedagogical approaches. 

A two-storey covered veranda extension will incorporate a walkway and generous outdoor learning area for each classroom that can be accessed via sliding, flexible walls. Built-in workstations separate each breakout area from the next and are ideal spaces for group-related activities and projects. 

At ground level, the increased undercover space offered by the veranda extension provides a welcoming place where students can interact socially, study, or use as additional outdoor learning space, and find protection from the elements.

These well-built classrooms have served us well for close to half a century and will continue to serve us as the structural foundation for refurbishments that will facilitate our future-focused curriculum, leading to more innovative learning and engagement, inspiring natural curiosity, and deepening investigation and real-life, relevant problem-solving. The transformation of these spaces integrates academic learning with the development of character and the soft skills that are in high demand in both society and the modern workplace.

Facilitating a positive future

While faith and character development are our central priorities, ensuring that BAC students are equipped with the necessary skills to be confident contributors in society is at the core of our graduate profile: collaborative, communicative, creative, and critical thinkers (the Four Cs). These repurposed learning spaces are integral to our strategy to inspire both teachers and students as they grow in these critical attributes.

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to invest in the learning spaces on our Secondary campus. BAC is moving forward at a time when education is under a global spotlight. As our pedagogical approaches and use of technology progress, we are committed to remaining mission-true to the foundational premise upon which Brisbane Adventist College was built. I look forward to updating you as this exciting project unfolds in the new year.