BAC a 'High-Flying' School

It’s pleasing to see strong academic performance by Brisbane Adventist College students based on two significant measures: Queensland results from the Overall Position score (current tertiary entrance marker) and national results from the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). 

These outcomes speak of the great work ethic of BAC students and teachers, and build upon our reputation as a high-performing school within the community.

The strong academic performance from our 2018 seniors placed the College 71st out of 335 Queensland schools for OP results and ranks us among the top 20 schools in Brisbane’s Southeast. BAC OP results include the following statistics:

  • 13.3% of students achieved an OP 2
  • 26.7% of students achieved an OP 1-5
  • 46.7% of students achieved an OP 1-10
  • 100% of QTAC applicants were accepted into tertiary courses 

Music Extension students from this cohort also achieved the distinction of recording the highest level of achievement in Queensland, a VHA10. 

Based on results from 2018’s Year 9 English and Maths NAPLAN tests, Brisbane Adventist College was also named by The Courier Mail as one of six high-flying secondary schools on the south side of Brisbane (reprinted in Southern Star Thursday, January 31 2019). 

This came from analysis on the Better Education website, which ranks the top 150 Queensland schools, giving them scores of 100 down to 60. BAC Secondary achieved 92 out of 100, placing us above other well-regarded private schools in our area. BAC Primary also ranks in the top 150 Queensland Primary schools.

Principal Mrs Entermann says that over the past five years “we have had a sustained focus on standards around academic performance, behaviour and effort."

“Excellence requires consistent ‘gradualies’. Consistent effort coupled with consistent focus on improvement and pursuit of learning goals propels us toward the destination we seek. Day by day, year by year, we improve, build, grow and learn.” 

Success has many different faces, not just academic, and we are truly proud of our students. They are becoming people of strong character and good work ethic, capable of doing great things and of making a difference in the world in which they live.