Bringing Order to a Trove of Memories

The dedicated BAC Archives Team meets once a fortnight to work through visual artifacts that represent our 56-year history; sorting, labeling, and storing them in world-class processes that guarantee their preservation for many years to come. 

The hardest part of this job is identifying the students, staff, and visitors that appear in each of the tens of thousands of photos, slides, and videos collected by the College and donated by friends of the College. 

The personal memories of the Archives Team are important in this process, which is why we call them our 'Brains Trust'. Retired and former teachers, school leaders, and (hopefully, soon!) alumni, each has a vast network of contacts who found their time at the College foundational to their identity. The team helped create many of the moments captured in images and now gets much joy from reliving memories of people who have passed through our gates, the lighthearted and solemn seasons, and the ways in which God has led us throughout the years.

"Much hilarity ensues as we try to identify faces and places and dates, and stories are recalled. This group of "fossils" (as Jim Searle calls us!) is having fun as we wade through decades of unlabelled photos and slides. The preserving of history and memories is an important task but also an enjoyable one," says Carol.

Yearbooks are also vital in the identification process. Containing thumbnail photographs and names of staff and students, each Reflections magazine helps; placing into context people who appear in group photos and providing a train of friendship to follow when the members of the Brains Trust reach the limits of their own recollections.

Currently, the team is seeking donations of yearbooks from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. They aim to collect three complete sets; two of which will be used for reunion purposes while one will be safely stored for perpetuity. 

If you would like to join a social network of BAC alumni on social media, please message Jim Searle on his Facebook page. To assist the Archives Team with their yearbook collection, or if you would like to join the team, please email Archives Coordinator Carol Bacon

Archives Team

PHOTO (L-R): Bruce Myers (Secondary teacher), Rob Peters (Secondary teacher), Carol Bacon (Archives Coordinator, Secondary teacher), Gavin Williams (principal), Jan Took (Secondary teacher), Reg Morgan (Secondary teacher), Jim Searle (Secondary teacher), Adi Harnett (Primary teacher). The team is also regularly joined by Primary teacher Lorraine Ferris and Secondary teacher Graeme Barker.