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BAC Sports: more than just a game

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Early this morning, 19 student athletes from BAC boarded a flight to Melbourne ahead of Basketball Australia's Schools Championships. The event will commence on Sunday with a grand opening ceremony followed by a week of intense competition. Our students will play alongside experienced teams and athletes from elite school sporting programs all around Australia.

“Sport is more than just playing games. It is a vehicle for building character in the young men and women of our College,” says Afi Lama, BAC Director of Sports and Basketball Coordinator. “We’re looking to build great young people; young men and women of character that our younger students can look up to. We want to create a variety of opportunities that allow growth and excellence; turning-point experiences that test them, but that they can look back on with a sense of accomplishment and a job well done.” 

Leading up to this competition, our senior basketball teams have made great progress. In Semester 1, they competed in the district competitions, the new premier league competition and the Adventist Schools Sports Association gala day. In September, the senior girls’ team won the South East Metropolitan open girls basketball finals for the second year in a row, and over the past eight weeks, the nationals-bound male and female open-division teams (students from Years 9 to 12) have shown even greater commitment – balancing their academic program with intense mental and physical preparation. (See photos 1&2)

Exciting Developments for 2017 College Sport

Sports Academy

This was the first official year of the BAC Sports Academy. This is a program designed around the physical education curriculum for Years 9 and 10 students. Those who show promise in the College’s marquee sports, basketball and touch football, apply to take part in specialised academy classes that run parallel to regular PE lessons.

“The Academy is designed to advance our student athletes both physically and mentally,” says BAC Head of Physical Education and Sport Coordinator Martin Rutkowski. “We now have a dedicated time to focus on fundamentals, game play and tactics for students who want to develop further and be involved in sport at a higher level.”

At the heart of the program is the three Cs:

  1. To develop a strong commitment to the sport, team mates, and their personal goals.
  2. To develop effective communication; not just during training or within a game situation, but in different facets in their life.
  3. To build student confidence so they will take the shot, throw the pass, and take great opportunities when they see them.

Along with several other instruments of personal development at BAC, the Sports Academy engages students more deeply in their community and learning, and gives them opportunities for excellence and growth. “We have an expectation of excellence and accountability. Our students’ efforts on the court or field, and in their training, has to match their effort in class and their behaviour around campus,” says Mr Lama.

Culture of Excellence in Sport

The BAC sports program stretches character, skill and goal setting. However, the BAC sports coordinators recognise that it wouldn’t be possible without the strong team effort from College staff.

“We couldn’t do this without the investment and interest of our team of teachers and support from administration. When students set their own goals, they take responsibility and ownership. Coaching and teaching staff keep each athlete accountable and this gives them motivation to always seek improvement,” says Mr Lama.

2017 Achievements in Sport

This year has seen a marked improvement in participation in team sports across Primary and Secondary.

Primary School achievements:

  1. For the first time in BAC history, 22 senior Primary girls played AFL and won the B Grade Championships. (photo 3)
  2. The senior Primary boys’ touch football team were A Grade District Champions and undefeated for the whole season. (photo 4)
  3. The Senior Girls volleyball team were B Grade runners up. (photo 5)
  4. After winning the district T20 Blast Gala Day, our girl’s cricket team travelled to Ian Healy Oval to play in the Regional final. They won three out of four games and finished second out of the six teams on the day. (photo 6)

“Exercise has well-documented health benefits, and at BAC we want to provide students with many opportunities to be healthy and active,” says Mr Damon Quick, Primary deputy principal. “This semester, we had over 80 students participate in our district program, playing AFL, touch rugby (boys), basketball and volleyball (girls). Our newest sport, AFL, had 33 students play for the first time. We had an extremely successful district campaign with three of our teams reaching the grand final in their divisions.”

Secondary School achievements:

  1. The senior mixed touch football team finished fourth in their field in the Queensland All Schools Touch Competition. This is the first year they have played in this competition which was formerly run on Saturdays, however organisers were happy to accommodate mid-week games. (photo 7)
  2. Senior girls basketball team won the Metropolitan East Championship open division finals for the second year in a row. (photo 8)
  3. The BAC futsal team qualified for the finals of South East Queensland Futsal Titles. 
  4. Our teams have won six Adventist Schools Association trophies in 2017 (following up strongly on eight 2016 trophies).

“This year, we had a record 28 district teams compete in the district competition, an increase on the 25 we had last year. Some of our results are exceptional when you consider the size of our school,” says Mr Rutkowski. “You could say that over the last three years, we have found our identity by focusing our attention on three marquee sports, basketball, touch football and soccer. These sports are our strengths, where our students have always shone. A positive sport culture has followed.”

We are looking forward to more progress next year as we extend our students in their development towards healthy activity, fitness, character growth and excellence.

NOTE: A big thank you to Blue Sky Holdings Pty Ltd for sponsoring the teams’ gear, and the College P&F for their support and contribution towards the costs of transport to Nationals. 

PHOTO 1: Open girls team competing at national schools championship. Photo includes Mrs Leanne Entermann, Mr Afi Lama, Ms Krysten Rowe, Mr Aaron Sleight. Also joined by Mr and Mrs Zemljic from Blue Sky Holdings who sponsor team uniforms and gear.

PHOTO 2: Open boys team competing at national schools championship. Photo includes Mr Phil Mead, Mr and Mrs Zemljic from Blue Sky Holdings who sponsor team uniforms and gear, and Mrs Di Lama.

PHOTO 3: Senior Primary girls AFL team and B Grade champions.

PHOTO 4: Undefeated senior Priamry boys touch football team. A Grade District champions.

PHOTO 5: Senior Primary girls volleyball team. B Grade runners up.

PHOTO 6: Senior Primary girls cricket team. Winners of the T20 Blast and 2nd place getters at Regional finals.

PHOTO 7: Senior mixed touch football team winning 4th in the Queensland All Schools Touch Competition.

PHOTO 8: Senior girls Metropolitan East Champions (open division) for the second year in a row.


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