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Today Mr Martin took BAC's second 3D printer to Miss Costigan's Prep room. They are currently working on the letter 'W' and are also looking at the idea of three dimensions. The class thought it would be a great idea to print a whale and call it Moby. The class went through the process of finding the file online, preparing it for printing and exporting it to the 3D printer. They monitored it throughout the day, and as it is a large print, it will complete overnight ready for them tomorrow.

Students are developing in-depth questions during question time. This experience has facilitated high-level thinking and awareness for what 3D means to these students in a practical sense. They are processing concepts and ideas with tangible examples literally growing in front of them. 


Our goal at BAC is to develop young minds that have been exposed to current and emerging technologies and foster the designers, thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. Who knows what amazing careers our young people will engage in when they leave BAC.


Did you know? Companies are now 3D printing houses in as little as 24 hours. They are creating highly intricate designs that are extremely energy efficient. This also enables them to help cities meet housing needs for low-income families. Click on the link for more information - 3D Housing

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